Happy Go Lovely (September 3, 1951)

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Happy Go Lovely

Released on September 3, 1951: (running time 93 minutes) David Niven is a wealthy Scotsman pretending to be a poor newspaper reporter to win the love of a struggling actress.

Produced by Marcel Hellman

Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone

The Actors: David Niven (B.G. Bruno), Vera Ellen (Janet Jones), Cesar Romero (John Frost), Bobby Howes (Charlie), Diane Hart (Mae), Gordon Jackson (Paul Tracy), Barbara Couper (Madame Amanda), Henry Hewitt (Dodds), Gladys Henson (Mrs. Urquhart), Hugh Dempster (Bates), Sandra Dorne (Betty), Joyce Carey (Bruno's secretary), John Laurie (Jonskill), Wylie Watson (stage door keeper), Joan Heal (Phyllis Gardiner), Hector Ross (Harold), Ambrosine Phillpotts (Lady Martin), Molly Urquhart (Madame Amanda's assistant), David Lober (principal dancer), Jonathon Lucas (principal dancer), Jack Billings (principal dancer), Douglas Scott (dancer), Rolf Alexander (principal dancer), Leon Biedkyski (principal dancer), Archie Duncan (police inspector), Kay Kendall (secretary)


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