The Law of Contact

The Hoodlum (July 5, 1951)

The Hoodlum

Released on July 5, 1951: This noir crime drama will never be included with the great movies of all time, but for cheap thrills and a fast paced hour, it is a very entertaining story with a great performance by Lawrence Tierney.

Directed by Max Nosseck

The Actors: Lawrence Tierney (Vincent Lubeck), Allene Roberts (Rosa), Marjorie Riordan (Eileen), Lisa Golm (Mrs. Lubeck), Edward Tierney (Johnny Lubeck), Stuart Randall (Police Leutenant Burdick), Angela Stevens (Christie Lang), John De Simone (Marty Connell), Tom Hubbard (Police Sergeant Schmidt), Eddie Foster (Mickey Sessions), O.Z. Whitehead (Breckenridge), Richard Barron (Eddie Bright), Rudy Rama (Harry Hill), William H. O'Brien (morgue attendant), Gene Roth (prison warden Stevens).


The Law of Contact

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