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The Big Combo (February 13, 1955)

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Cornel Wilde in The Big Combo

Released February 13, 1955: The Most Startling Story The Screen Has Ever Dared Reveal! Police Lieutenant Leonard Diamond wants to put away the biggest gangster in the city, but his boss wants him to lay off. Diamond ignores his boss and gets close to the gangsters girlfriend to get the evidence that he needs.

Directed by Joseph H. Lewis

The Actors: Cornel Wilde (Police Leutenant Leonard Diamond), Richard Conte (Mr. Brown), Brian Donlevy (Joe McClure), Jean Wallace (Susan Lowell), Lee Van Cleef (Fante), Robert Middleton (Police Captain Peterson), Earl Holliman (Mingo), Helen Walker (Alicia Brown), Jay Adler (Detective Sam Hill), John Hoyt (Nils Dreyer), Ted de Corsia (Ralph Bettini), Helene Stanton (Rita), Roy Gordon (Audubon), and Steve Mitchell (Bennie Smith, the boxer), Baynes Barron (young detective), James McCallion (Frank the lab technician), Tony Michaels (the photo technician), Brian O'Hara (Attorney Malloy), Rita Gould (nurse), Bruce Sharpe (detective), Michael Mark (Fred, hotel clerk), Donna Drew (Miss Hartleby), Eve Bernhardt (cabaret showgirl), Jack Chefe (waiter), James Conaty (dance extra at the club), Jakob Gimpel (pianist), Herbert Lytton (waiter).


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Lieutenant Diamond wants to get evidence to put Mr. Brown, the city's biggest gang boss in prison. He has spent his own money to follow leads, and has come up empty. His boss wants him to stop trying to nail the gangster and concentrate on some of the other crimes of the city, but Diamond is stubborn, and possibly in love with the gangster's girlfriend. The girl is beautiful and young Susan, who is a good girl gone bad. Soon after the movie begins, Susan tries to kill herself with an overdose of pills, because she wants out, but knows that her gangster boyfriend will never let her leave him . . . alive.

This motion picture is a great example of film noir gritty, big city cop versus tough-as-nails gangster, with beautiful blonde in the middle. You'll enjoy watching all of the familiar faces, including Cornell Wilde, Richard Conte, Brian Donlevy, Lee Van Cleef, and Earl Holliman. Once you get into the first few minutes, you'll be totally involved in this crime thriller, so pop the corn and grab your soda before you begin watching this one, because you won't want to stop it for anything.