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Shake, Rattle and Rock (November 15, 1955)

Shake, Rattle and Rock

Released November 15, 1955: This light comedy is a simple plot about the older generation trying to stop the teenagers from enjoying this new 'Rock and Roll' music. It is a great vehicle to see some of the original Rockers, like Fats Domino perform.

Directed by Edward L. Cahn

The Actors:Mike Connors (Gary Nelson), Lisa Gaye (June Fitzdingle), Sterling Holloway (Albert 'Axe' McAllister), Douglass Dumbrille (Eustace Fentwick II), Raymond Hatton (Horace Fitzdingle), Fats Domino (himself), Tommy Charles (himself), Choker Campbell (himself - the band leader), Big Joe Turner (himself), Margaret Dumont (Georgianna Fitzdingle), Percy Helton (Hiram the funeral director), Paul Dubov (Bugsy Smith), Eddie Kafafian (Nick), and Charles Evans (Bill Bentley the TV station owner).


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