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Lost, Lonely and Vicious (1958)

From the movie, Lost, Lonely and Vicious

Released in 1958: This movie's advertising tag line read: Confidential Expose! of Boys and Girls Clawing Their Way to Success in Hollywood!

Directed by Frank Myers

The Actors: Ken Clayton (Johnnnie Dennis), Barbara Wilson (Helen Preacher), Lilyan Chauvin (Tanya Pernaud), Richard Gilden (Walt), Carol Nugent (Pinkie), Jim Reppert (agent), Sandra Giles (Darlene), William Quimby (Pig), Allen Fife (Buddy), Frank Stallworth (Mr. Preacher), Clint Quigley (the reporter), John Erben (young actor), Earl Johnson (the psychiatrist).


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In the late 50's, as the post World War II babies were becoming teens, movie scripts brought the failings and foibles of teen life in America to the big screen. Their fast cars and faster lifestyles are featured in this coming of age motion picture. This low-budget drama was filmed in Tuscaloosa Alabama, and centered on the life of a troubled teen boy in Hollywood. It gives us a look at lifestyles of the teens in post-war America.